Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mom Shorts = Pockets that hold, EVERYTHING.

The past few weeks I have not had very many projects going on, but I did get two things done. Pillow's and Mom shorts.

First I went to the fabric store (Joanne's) and bought some cute vintage style fabric pieces.

(check out that denim couch!) I took them, cut them in half (saving the rest for later) and made three pillows. (does any one else use their couch as a pin cushion? No? Just me?)

Tada! Easy, easy, easy.

This next project was inspired by Sierrashima_  fellow instagrammer, she's a doll check her out.
I went to the Salvation Army and got some mom jeans (no before pic sorry) and cut them off, rolled them up and sewed some lace onto the pocket. SO EASY.

I paired them with a white tee and this gem that I got thrifting from YEARS ago. 


XX Have a stunning week!

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