Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earrings and Lace

You know this little pretty, you've seen it on pintrest, lace in a frame to hold earrings. I made one.
Goodwill had lace curtains for 1.59 (military discount day!) and hobby lobby had a free standing frame for about 15 dollars. I was all set to paint a frame white, but as luck would have it they had the PERFECT one!

So with a little help from my lovely momma we took some lace, held it tight and attacked it with hot glue AND super glue. Yeah, we are THAT thorough.
then we cut off the excess lace (don't worry, I have a plan for that!) admired our (sticky) handy work and it came out in a very messy, but pleasing, result!
flipped it around and hung it on the wall with my antler necklace holder! Tada!!

 Yes, that picture again.
Happy sunday lovelies!

DIY Catch up!

This week, this week, this week.
It was beautiful, and a ton of fun! I'm still working on a few things for my room, but here are some projects I did!

First I went to hobby lobby and got these faux antlers

I got them on sale for about 15 dollars. And picked up a silver can of spray paint from walmart and made:

(don't worry, I'll show you what it is at the end of the post)

 I also pulled an old desk out of the house that we got for 5 dollars a few years back.
Sanded, and sanded, and sanded some more. Took that fancy silver spray paint, and the blue chalk board paint and whipped up this pretty little baby:

yeah, that's a chalk board DESK.

I can't take full credit for the necklace holder idea (Elsie Larson) Oh and see that pretty little earring holder? tutorial on that later today!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunshine Yellow.

My room before was full of brown, gold and red. It was beautiful, but way too dark! So what did I do? I hit up some garage sales of course!
Here is what I found:
Two Hankies, one print from Elsie Larson, Vintage Fabric, a cake holder and a pillow case, not to mention that beautiful chair. The best part? It was all under 15 dollars.

My mom had this gorgeous vintage fabric that I decided to turn into a comforter.

How could I pass that up?
So now for the finished project!

So I took the chalk board I made and one hankie and hung them up and used the vintage fabric as curtains.

The Elsie Larson print and a necklace I thrifted forever ago, and one of my mom's doilies created this look by the window.

The chair and the bed compliment each other very well, and part of my key collection is up on the wall.
Last but not least the cake holder and some of my teacups!

And that is how I completely changed my room for under fifteen dollars.

Starting Anew

The past few weeks have been hectic for sure, Mostly because of working on projects and redecorating my room.
My first project was making a chalk board for my room, I chose a bright and sunny blue color,  and a wooden owl cutout!
Pretty huh? I just stopped by the local Michaels, picked out the wooden cutout I wanted and found an awesome chalk board paint (Martha Stewart's). I originally wanted to make my own paint, but I fell in love with the color.

Then I redecorated my bathroom with a lovely pink floral print:
Later I'll update with some pictures of my vintage finds, and revamped bedroom!