Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunshine Yellow.

My room before was full of brown, gold and red. It was beautiful, but way too dark! So what did I do? I hit up some garage sales of course!
Here is what I found:
Two Hankies, one print from Elsie Larson, Vintage Fabric, a cake holder and a pillow case, not to mention that beautiful chair. The best part? It was all under 15 dollars.

My mom had this gorgeous vintage fabric that I decided to turn into a comforter.

How could I pass that up?
So now for the finished project!

So I took the chalk board I made and one hankie and hung them up and used the vintage fabric as curtains.

The Elsie Larson print and a necklace I thrifted forever ago, and one of my mom's doilies created this look by the window.

The chair and the bed compliment each other very well, and part of my key collection is up on the wall.
Last but not least the cake holder and some of my teacups!

And that is how I completely changed my room for under fifteen dollars.

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