Thursday, July 26, 2012

Travel Time:

I've started making these to travel with:

They are kits for your tooth brush, toothpaste, and anything else you can thing of. This means my bag won't get all wet from the tooth brush!
 First I got a few hand towels from the store (about 3.00 each, and in a ton of colors as I've been making one for every female in the family) As you can kind of see in my (realllly blurry) picture (sorry!) I laid it out hot dog style and didn't fold it quite in half, I left about a quarter of the towel to sit above the pocket area.

 I used the crease marks as a line on which to sew on, pinned and went at it. (I sew by hand but you can use a machine too of course) in one of the quarter creases I did another line down in half for a better fitted tooth brush pocket. Of course you can size and place pockets how ever you would like.

 A tip to try, is when the crease starts fading (it did this worse on the blue for whatever reason) use chalk to mark the line. When you get to the far end, sew some ribbon, whatever length you choose, and fold it. Then use chalk to mark where you would like to put the button. (make sure it lines up with the ribbon, and won't be so tight you can not fit things inside it).

 Yeah, I rock basketball shorts sometimes.
Happy travels!

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