Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This is Halloween:

This D.I.Y. was inspired by this blogger's post: Candy Corn Love, I went about it a little differently though. Seriously guys, I love Halloween, maybe too much. If that is possible. It's the best holiday.  First I started with the supplies. (all found at micheal's or walmart)

Pretty simple stuff, yarn, foam cones(I would get white, We were NOT thinking about that) some little doo-dads, hot glue and super glue.

Start with a line of hot glue (or, as my fingers would call it, hot lava) And wrap the yarn around and around and around.  
Go according with candy corn colors (or do whatever colors you want, I won't judge, go crazy) do a second layer of yarn and glue accordingly.

Take coordinating felt colors and mark them in a circle (note: DO NOT USE RED, IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON USING A RED CRAYON ABORT MISSION) My mom and I were not thinking, we should have used chalk (my BFF) or a pencil. Cut the felt circles out and glue them to the top and bottom.
                                       Wait for the glue to dry annnd ADD DOO-DADS!
Happy halloween everyone!
(I am resisting the urge to end this post with "You know you love me, XOXO Gossip Girl")

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