Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adventure On: Fourth of July!


We had a Fantastic Fourth of July, and we hope you did too! We celebrated America in style, with Patriotic shirts. I may have gone a little overboard with the glasses, bandeau, headband, and shorts. Pffft, what am I saying? You can never go overboard with America! (Just wait til you see my new Derby shorts!) 

We started off our day by traveling to a town near Oklahoma City, for Fried Onion Burgers at Sid's Diner. Let me tell you, they were amazingly delicious. We also got some amazing malts and fries! Then we went to the local mall and browsed a bit, grabbing C some clothes for a photoshoot the next day! (can't wait to share!) We found we still had several hours to kill, and watched White House Down. We walked in expecting normal theater seating, and found recliners! They were so comfortable, and meant no cricked necks or bumping knees with strangers! 

Then we went to Liberty Fest, grabbed some hot dogs and hopped in the back of the truck to watch fireworks. We can't have fire works here in Colorado, so I was really happy C looked up this celebration.  The fire works were easily the most amazing I have ever seen!
I hope everyone had a great Fourth, and never forget what it is we are really celebrating on days like this.
He looks not so thrilled, but he is, I promise.
 I have a knack for catching him with food in his mouth.

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  1. I wish every theater had those chairs!!!!!! :)