Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hello Oklahoma!

It was recently my boyfriends birthday, so I made my way to Oklahoma to celebrate!
We celebrated his birthday a few days early by spending the day in Oklahoma City. 

We have a tradition of trying new places to eat every time we get to spend time together... Normally this is not something we honor on OKC visit days.  Normally we stop at the steak and catfish barn for lunch, but it recently closed down so the owners could move back to Italy. (Excuse me while I cry for ever). 

This opens up our lunchtime slot though, and forces us to try even more new places to eat! 
This time we went to a hot dog place!
His was a buffalo sauce dog with blue cheese. 
Mine was a Chicago dog. 
They were both delicious! We also ordered fried pickles and they passed the test too! (Disclaimer: there is no official test). 

I highly recommend them if you're in the area, they even have vegetarian dogs! 

Then we went and saw Gravity (awesome!) in a recliner theatre (double awesome!) and went to Bass Pro Shop (another thing we always do in OKC) 
For his birthday we went to our favorite restaurant Cattleman's Steakhouse! 
We finished up our evening with a stop by academy sports and then going home to carve pumpkins! 

And that glorious meal? My amazing boyfriend made som delicious pumpkin waffles for dinner one night!
What a wonderful trip! 

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