Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Proposal: His Side

Ok so you have all heard her side of the story, now let me tell you his side of things.

So it was a pretty nice day as far as Upstate New York winter days go, the sun was shinning and there was only a few clouds high above.  It was my dads 57th birthday, man he's getting so old!  We decided to celebrate by going on a wine tour with most of the family on that side and going to one of my favorite wine trails along Seneca Lake.  

Going into the trip only my dad knew that I was about to ask J to join the family and be mine forever.  However when we were at the first winery I couldn't contain my excitement and let my brother in on the news as well as showed him the ring to which his reaction was just about the same as J's would be.  So along we went, on this fun filled, grape surrounded adventure.  We went to so many different wineries, some of which I hadn't been to yet even though I grew up there for the past 26 years.  The two members of the family would question me after every winery if the next one would be the place in which I would pop the question.  I really wanted to ask at our favorite winery, Hazlett, but because of the pace of the day I was unsure if we would make it there.  So I was playing by the seat of my pants and waiting to see when the perfect moment would arrive.  Let me tell all of you guys out there waiting to propose, the perfect moment will arrive, it may not be exactly as you had it in your head but when you know, you know.

So finally nearing the end of the day when most of the wineries were closing we were pulling into the parking lot of Hazlett the maker of the famed Red Cat wine!  As we stepped out into the sunny yet chilly NY air the rest of the family seemed to bolt inside the giant wooden doors to get warm.  Left outside was only my brother, J and I.  J rushed over to the pond on the other side of the parking lot.  I knew this was go time, I quickly followed suit and prepared to get the ring out as she was distracted by the scenic views all while trying to catch my brothers attention for some photos.  As J was busy trying to recreate a photo I had taken 2 years earlier I pulled out the ring.  I looked down and noticed that it was covered in lint and had a string hanging off of it.  Get out of here I was thinking as I ripped that crap off of it and quickly got down on one knee.  As J turned around her eyes grew wide and hand shot quickly up to her mouth.  "J, will you do me the honor of being my wife," I asked.  Her reply would be "Are you serious?"  Of course I am serious!  She would soon say yes and make me a very happy man.  

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