Monday, January 26, 2015

Wedding Bells: Wedding Planner(s)

Now I do have a (human) wedding coordinator, which is super important to me, because of my busy schedule. I also have two planners, one to keep my schedule straight, (between school, work, events, and wedding planning, it gets crazy.) and one for wedding details, such as colors and venue and budget. 
First let's take a look at The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner. It is fantastic, and I highly recommend it! It  as a section for everything, an easy spot to keep business cards, and all the vendors organized. 
It is a binder which makes it easy to carry, and nice to store. I like being able to easily add to it. 
Here you can see our two main wedding colors! Navy and a peachy coral. We are going with an Aviation theme, and I think navy and coral will play into that theme in many ways! 
Next we will peek into my personal planner, I got this from the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess, and I love it!
The front is so bright and cheery (oh, here is that peachy coral again!)
Every month has fun quote like this!
I always write in school, even though it is every day. That way when I schedule appointments I remember to schedule around the time it takes to get from school!

Have a great week!

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