Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A day in the life:

        Lately I have been coming up with small projects to make me smile, I wanted things I could look at every day. I had some brown lampshades, so I painted them and covered them in lace! just a little something that took no time at all, and makes me smile every time I see them!
     Next up we have my succulents, they hang out on my dresser, so I see them every day when I get ready, it was super easy to put together, and pretty low maintenance too! 
      I didn't want to over crowd my planter, so I threw this guy in one of my (many, many, many) tea cups! I find this especially sweet, because of the personal mementos placed around it!
      I am not entirely sure if I have talked very much about my dog before, but I figured I would take some extra time in this post. My boy turned four this week, and on June sixth I will have had him for four years! (fun fact: I found him the day right before my birthday!)
   He is my favorite, I am so lucky to share my time with him, and he is cray fluffy and adorable to boot!

I hope every one is having a beautiful week!


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