Sunday, May 19, 2013

D.I.Y. Bow Tutorial:

     A couple people have asked about my Air Force ABU bow and where I got it. Answer: I made it! I used my fathers old ABU pants, but if you wanted you could find fabric instead. In this tutorial I used a different fabric but it is the same process for any fabric, even lace!

    Supplies: Fabric, Needle, Thread, Fabric scissors, and a barrette.

         1. Cut out two strips of fabric, one to go around the center of the bow (top) and one for the bow (bottom). You want the bigger piece to be double the height you want the bow, and as wide has you want it.
       2. Fold the bigger piece in half, inside out, and sew almost all the way around, leaving enough space to turn it right side out.
       3. Pull it right side out and finish closing it by folding the cut edges in and sewing as seen in the bottom left corner of the fabric.
     4. Pinch! Easy enough, unless your taking pictures of it.
        5. Wrap the smaller fabric around the center (optional: finish the edges of the center fabric by sewing the edged folded over). Push the needled through the whole bow to keep the creases and center fabric on, loop back through several times.
     6. You can attach to the barrette by sewing it in the center, or hot glue it.
   7. If your barrette has these little holes, sew through one layer of the bow and through the hole to attach, or, again, you can use hot glue.

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