Friday, May 17, 2013

DIY shorts:

Do you want to feel like a fairy? Or maybe you just like lace? Then I have the DIY for you.
By hand this took me about an hour and a half. Not bad at all!

 What you need: some shorts of your color choice, like the soffee work out shorts or you can get a similar pair at Walmart for five dollars. Two spools of lace like the one shown. I used two for a size medium, a smaller size, kids sizes or less lacey shorts could use one.

Step one through about six or seven is pretty simple, pin the lace to the shorts in the spaces you would like it to sit. Make sure you allow for the shorts stretching and leave a little extra lace on the tail, or you can go back and add lace. Sew the lace in place. Repeat. 
I found it easier to sew on lace one strip at a time rather than pin it all on at once. 
And rock those shorts! 

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