Sunday, May 19, 2013

D.I.Y. Bow Tutorial:

     A couple people have asked about my Air Force ABU bow and where I got it. Answer: I made it! I used my fathers old ABU pants, but if you wanted you could find fabric instead. In this tutorial I used a different fabric but it is the same process for any fabric, even lace!

    Supplies: Fabric, Needle, Thread, Fabric scissors, and a barrette.

         1. Cut out two strips of fabric, one to go around the center of the bow (top) and one for the bow (bottom). You want the bigger piece to be double the height you want the bow, and as wide has you want it.
       2. Fold the bigger piece in half, inside out, and sew almost all the way around, leaving enough space to turn it right side out.
       3. Pull it right side out and finish closing it by folding the cut edges in and sewing as seen in the bottom left corner of the fabric.
     4. Pinch! Easy enough, unless your taking pictures of it.
        5. Wrap the smaller fabric around the center (optional: finish the edges of the center fabric by sewing the edged folded over). Push the needled through the whole bow to keep the creases and center fabric on, loop back through several times.
     6. You can attach to the barrette by sewing it in the center, or hot glue it.
   7. If your barrette has these little holes, sew through one layer of the bow and through the hole to attach, or, again, you can use hot glue.

Friday, May 17, 2013

DIY shorts:

Do you want to feel like a fairy? Or maybe you just like lace? Then I have the DIY for you.
By hand this took me about an hour and a half. Not bad at all!

 What you need: some shorts of your color choice, like the soffee work out shorts or you can get a similar pair at Walmart for five dollars. Two spools of lace like the one shown. I used two for a size medium, a smaller size, kids sizes or less lacey shorts could use one.

Step one through about six or seven is pretty simple, pin the lace to the shorts in the spaces you would like it to sit. Make sure you allow for the shorts stretching and leave a little extra lace on the tail, or you can go back and add lace. Sew the lace in place. Repeat. 
I found it easier to sew on lace one strip at a time rather than pin it all on at once. 
And rock those shorts! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

D.I.Y. Sunday: Shoes

     Alright, so you need shoes, sticky foam (or normal foam sheets and glue) wood or erasers to stick the foam to, paint brushes, scissors and paint! As you can see I chose Martha Stewart craft paint.

     Simply cut out the shapes you want and attach them to the eraser (or whatever you choose to use) and paint onto the shapes with a paint brush. Stamp it onto the shoe, and fill it in with a paint brush to help even out the look! Allow them to dry, and enjoy your new, personalized shoes!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Always and Forever pt. 1:

      My boyfriend and I's anniversary is next week, so recently I went to visit him! We love food, like, a lot, we love trying new places. When I saw the Steak and Catfish Barn on food networks: Man vs. Food, I knew we HAD to try the catfish. I am so glad we did. Amazing catfish, with a hint of spice, all white, and flaky and just melt in your mouth good! I'm sure he agrees!
      After we filled up on catfish we continued our day shopping, (poor guy! he's such a good sport!) and exploring Bass Pro. Then when we started to get hungry again, made our way to Cattleman's steak house. We go every chance and excuse we get, if you're ever in OKC, go. Make sure you order the mushrooms, and save room for plenty of food. They brew their own beer, make their own croutons and salad dressing and the steak is to die for. Seriously, best steak I have EVER had. (sorry Dad.)
       The next day we went on a bike ride, the weather was great, and it's always one of my favorite things to do.
    Most of you know I have friends that are pilots, my boyfriend is a pilot. Turns out one of my friends had an apartment right next to our apartment complex, so while Cody was at work, we caught up, he entertained me, and then Cody got together with him and I watched them play Mario. Casey is one of my closest friends, so I am glad they get along.
      My hair has been boring me a bit lately, so I played with it. I really liked the outcome.
 We picked out some patio furniture, and I know it looks like he is doing all the work, but he didn't. Ask him! I totally helped!
   He dropped me off at the air port, and it was pretty sad, but we always try to stay positive! I can not wait to see him again!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A day in the life:

        Lately I have been coming up with small projects to make me smile, I wanted things I could look at every day. I had some brown lampshades, so I painted them and covered them in lace! just a little something that took no time at all, and makes me smile every time I see them!
     Next up we have my succulents, they hang out on my dresser, so I see them every day when I get ready, it was super easy to put together, and pretty low maintenance too! 
      I didn't want to over crowd my planter, so I threw this guy in one of my (many, many, many) tea cups! I find this especially sweet, because of the personal mementos placed around it!
      I am not entirely sure if I have talked very much about my dog before, but I figured I would take some extra time in this post. My boy turned four this week, and on June sixth I will have had him for four years! (fun fact: I found him the day right before my birthday!)
   He is my favorite, I am so lucky to share my time with him, and he is cray fluffy and adorable to boot!

I hope every one is having a beautiful week!